Order hot lunch for Porter Street students through Muncha Lunch

How to register for a Muncha Lunch account

Visit: www.munchalunch.com/schools/porterstreet

  • If the school shown is correct click ‘Yes’
  • Fill in your (the parent’s) contact information:
    • Parent’s first & last name
    • Parent’s email address
    • Make a password
  • Click ‘Create My Account’
  • Add your student to your profile

Welcome Back to Hot Lunch Porter Parents!

We’re so excited about hot lunch finally returning to our school! Our PAC uses Muncha Lunch to manage all our orders and handle payments. Each student wishing to have hot lunch will need to have a parent sign-up for an account on Muncha Lunch to get started.

How does hot lunch work?

Hot lunch vendors and menu items are selected by our Hot Lunch Coordinator with input from the parents and the menu items are entered in MunchaLunch.

Hot lunch is delivered to students on the 3rd Thursday of each month October through June with one exception ahead of spring break when it will be served on the 2nd Thursday in March.

Ordering for each lunch service must be completed within the first week of each month and payment must be completed at the time of ordering. Orders that remain unpaid after an hour are automatically cancelled. Your payment confirmation will come from Stripe and be delivered to the email address you signed-up with on MunchaLunch.

On hot lunch day the meals are either delivered to the school or a parent volunteer will pick up the order and they’re organized by classroom and distributed to students just ahead of the lunch hour.

How does hot lunch raise money for the school?

Hot lunch service is a fundraising activity for the PAC. Vendors provide us with a list of menu items below their retail cost so we can generate funds to support PAC activities and events.

Please note: there are no refunds for unclaimed lunches. If your student isn’t in class on a hot lunch day you can claim their lunch at the office by noon. After that time unclaimed lunches may be distributed to others at the discretion of the office.

MunchaLunch Ordering Demonstration Video

This year we’re able to offer advance ordering for up to three months. Menus for October, November, and December are now open for ordering. With this change the way that ordering works has also changed slightly so we’ve put together a demonstration video below.

Parents will still select items in the menu on the left and drag or click the add arrow to move them to the individual student’s order on the right where quantities can also be adjusted (except for combo menu items).

After you’ve made an order for the first menu there is a ‘next menu’ button that brings up the next hot lunch day and a blank order for your student to be filled up again from the new menu on the left. Cycle through all the menus and you can complete your order or if you have additional students you can scroll up to the blue Lunch Session button and choose the next student to order for.

Please note: if the food item is part of a combo (has an orange background) the quantity is limited to one per order. If a student wants more than one combo then an additional order will need to be made once the first order is completed.

Volunteers always welcome!

It’s super easy to volunteer for a hot lunch shift through Muncha Lunch when you’re making your kid’s lunch order.

You can pick the day and your first choice for the class you want to deliver to and the Hot Lunch Coordinator will get a good idea of how many people will be available for each hot lunch day.

Volunteer on Muncha Lunch

What do volunteers do at the school on hot lunch days?

Hot lunch at Porter wouldn’t be possible without the work of our parent volunteers. Food is either delivered to the school or a volunteer will pickup the order and bring it to the school.

  • Meet at the PAC room (generally between 10:45-11:15am depending on the vendor)
  • Divide meals into the bin or cart for each classroom
  • Distribute the meals to each student according to the order list (please no on-the-spot substitutions as students may have food allergies or sensitivities that we’re not aware of)
  • Return empty bins or carts to the PAC room
  • Leave any unclaimed meals at the Office

Anyone can volunteer with the PAC. There is no minimum time commitment required for any role. We’re all happy to see and welcome a new face and we appreciate every parent’s willingness to contribute as they can.