PAC Meetings

We hold five PAC meetings per year starting at 6:30 pm for approximately one hour. We’re moving forward for 2022-2023 with a combination of in-person and online hybrid meetings, and entirely online meetings via Zoom. The type of meeting will be clearly identified ahead of time for those wanting to attend.

Online Meetings held entirely via Zoom

For these entirely online meetings, Zoom meeting invitations sent out by our Principal, Mr Jiwa, to all parents/guardians on record with the school, ahead of each meeting.

There’s no need to turn on your camera or even your microphone for our Zoom meetings – everyone is welcome to participate to whatever extent is preferred.

Each member or guest attending a PAC meeting will need to “sign-in” for official records and provide their name, email address and phone number but please note personal contact information will be kept private and not published in the meeting minutes.

Hybrid Meetings held In-Person and online via Zoom

PAC members joining us in person are welcome to arrive ahead of the meeting to sign-in and enjoy some snacks and refreshments, meet or catch up with other members, and/or discuss anything they wish to add to the agenda with an Executive Member or our Principal. The meeting will be shared, to the best of our abilities, to the members attending online. All previously mentioned protocols for online meetings will be met as with an entirely online meeting.

We hope you will all join us, in whatever capacity, whenever you can.

Upcoming PAC Meetings
2022 / 2023

Meeting Agendas will be available here at least 5 days ahead of each meeting.

All meeting links will be sent via email from our Principal Mr Jiwa.

PAC Meeting

Monday, March 6 2023
In-Person @ Porter Library

Meeting Agenda TBA

PAC Meeting

Wednesday, January 18th 2023
via Zoom

PAC Meeting Agenda_2023-01-18

Join us for our first in-person PAC Meeting in almost three years!

Tuesday, November 8th 2022
Porter Elementary Library

PAC Meeting Agenda_2022-11-08